Copyright Simplified
What is Copyright and how does it work? You have come to the right place to find out.

Welcome to the world of copyright. Here, we give you a succinct summary of what you need to make sure your work stays protected.

Copyright gives the original creator of a work the right to use and distribute it as they see fit. It applies to a range of creative works like poems, plays, literature, music, paintings, art, software, designs, and even broadcasts. Copyright is bound by time and region, which means it stands only for a limited amount of time and within a specific jurisdiction. However, all countries have their own versions of the copyright law.

The Copyright office of India declares that copyright is automatically applicable when an idea is expressed in a certain form and that no formality is required to declare ownership. However, they do recommend obtaining a certificate of of copyright in case of a dispute over ownership.

In order to apply for registration of copyright online, you need to first sign up with the Copyright Office of India, after which you can file an application. They helpfully supply instructions and a checklist for the applicant. A waiting period of 30 days is necessary, in order to ensure no objections to your claim are filed. They recommend registering each work separately. 

The Copyright Office of India is located at New Delhi at the following address:

Dr. V.P.Srivastav

Dy. Registrar of Copyrights

Copyright Division.

Department Of Industrial Policy & Promotion,

Ministry of Commerce and Industry;

4th Floor, Jeevan Deep Building 

Parliament Street

New Delhi : 110001

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